1. AMSOFT Consulting Division :

- Eastern-, and Central European market analysis;
- Maintaining, updating, and development of the HIGH-TECH NETWORK database;
- Investment strategy analysis for foreign investors in Poland;
- Consulting and full legal support in Polish patent, license, and commercial law;
- Commercial negotiation support.

2. AMSOFT Scientific Computing Division :

- Financial market analyses and forecasts;
- Individual solutions and implementations of operations research problems;
- Software for image processing and understanding;
- Software and consulting in the area of decision support;
- Design of automation systems;
- Software for industrial digital control systems;
- Design and implementation of specialised expert systems and databases;
- Algorithms and implementations for traffic control;
- Algorithms and implementations for population dynamics and statistics.


1. AMSRISK-B - Risk management system for banks.
2. AMSRISK-I - Risk management system for industrial companies.
3. FORECASTING SUPPORT- Exchange rates forecast system.
4. MREF - Decision support user interface based on multicriteria optimization and reference points.
5. WAREHOUSE - an automated computer control system for order picking.
6. AMS-IMAGE - software system for discovering salient structures in 3D scenes.