·          AMSOFT Scientific Software Division

AMSOFT scientific computing division has gained its high reputation in solving highly sophisticated real-life mathematical problems, offering both : highest quality of science and implementation, and a competitive price.  A close cooperation with the Cracow academic institutions assures a permanent contact with the recent advances of the computer science and related areas, and makes possible solving complex scientific problems. The present products and services offer includes indi­vidually elaborated specialised software and optimally con­figured hardware.  We are continuously extending the scope of our computer research and consulting services, and increase the software development capability.


·          AMSOFT Consulting Division

The recent foundation of the AMSOFT consulting division is a response to the increasing role of consulting services for the privatisation, technology transfer, and foreign investments in Poland.  The AMSOFT consulting team consists of best experts in their respective fields : commercial, patent, and civil law, information technology, marketing, taxes, accounting, controlling, and others. We have best contacts to the Polish Ministry of Treasury, Polish financial institutions, and local administration authorities in the Cracow area, all that makes AMSOFT a valuable partner for foreign companies involved in different kinds of businesses in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in Southern Poland.